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AYL College/ Adult Leader on Friday, February 8, 2019

*Attendees Date of Birth:
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What is your home church?:
Attendees School:
Age level preference:
Would like to co-lead with:
Who encouraged you to be a college/ adult leader for AYL?:
Will you be able to drive yourself to and from your host home or will you need transportation?:
Dog allergies?:
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Food allergies?:
*1) In 100 words or less, tell us your faith story.:
*2) Why do you want to be a leader at AYL?:
*3) Are you involved in a campus/church ministry right now? To what extent?:
*4)Have you ever prayed with someone to help them accept Christ as their Savior?:
*5) What do you hope to gain from helping at AYL?:
*6) Briefly describe your faith either in high school or middle school.:
Other information you’d like to share:
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