Mission Trip Liability Release

Specific Limitations/Release of Liability/Personal Covenant

I.  Expectations: The purpose of taking teams abroad from Roswell United Methodist Church (RUMC) is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in love, through word and deed, and to challenge our members in their personal walk with Jesus Christ. Any available sightseeing, shopping, or recreation will be permitted only if it does not conflict with the team’s specific purpose.  Standards of conduct, dress, and lifestyle will be explained in an orientation program. Team members and leaders will adhere strictly to these policies and can be subject to exclusion from this and future trips for violations, without refund or reimbursement. 
II. Finances: All applications and contributions are nontransferable. If an individual is unable to participate in the RUMC team experience for which s/he applied, the fund s/he raised for the trip, less incurred expenses and administrative fees, will remain credited to his/her account for one year for his/her use on another RUMC mission trip. In the event of political unrest or natural disaster, RUMC reserves the right to cancel the trip. In the event a trip is cancelled, team members will be offered another mission experience at a similar expense. All donations received by RUMC go toward tax-exempt project expenses. To receive a tax deduction, IRS stipulates that the donor must release control of the money donated to a non-profit organization. For this reason, money cannot be refunded or designated to a person. The team member will be a fund-raiser and receive credit for raising funds equal to the price of the trip.
III. Photo Release:  I give RUMC the right to use my picture, voice, and/or testimony in their promotional or advertising materials.
IV.  Release of liability: I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that by engaging in this mission, I am subjecting myself to certain risks voluntarily, in addition to those risks which I normally face in my personal and business life, including but not limited to such things as health hazards due to poor food and water, diseases, pest, and poor sanitation; potential danger from lack of control over local populations; potential injury while working, recreating or traveling; inadequate medical facilities; terrorist acts, etc.
*In consideration of being accepted by RUMC, for participation in (name trip or activity)
I do hereby release, forever discharge, and agree to hold harmless RUMC, their agents, employees and officers, from any and all liability, claims or demands, which I or my heirs, executors, administrators, or assigns may have or claim to have, for personal injuries to property, real or personal, sickness, death, or unanticipated expenses of any nature which may be incurred by the undersigned participant, arising out of, or caused by, the above described mission trip or activity.  I intend to be legally bound by this statement of release. 
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