Covenant of Godly Attitudes

I will be sensitive to theological issues. 

I realize that the Christian faith manifests itself in different ways in different cultures. 

I will avoid criticizing or debating controversial theological issues.

I will always treat with respect my team leaders, fellow team members, in-country hosts, and nationals with whom we work. 

I will avoid criticizing my leaders, fellow team members, and hosts. 

I will avoid any romantic activity toward fellow team members or nationals. 

I realize that activity of this type could hinder the team witness and interfere with my own spiritual focus on this project. 

I will not make negative political comments about my host country or excessively talk about the greatness of my own country.  

I will also avoid criticizing things I do not like about my host country. 

I will never use profanity and abusive language. I will not use illegal drugs. 

I will also avoid watching or reading pornographic material. 

I will abide by the host church’s practice concerning alcohol and tobacco products. 

I am aware that this could very well mean that I will be unable to use them during my stay in their country. 

I will accept and do the jobs given to me without complaint. 

I will maintain my personal disciplines of prayer and Bible study during the project - even if it means doing it when I am tired and losing sleep. 

I will resist complaining when things go wrong or when I don’t like what is happening. 

I will always try to eat what is set before me without complaint (Luke 10:7-8). 

I will not isolate myself from nationals or missionaries during any free time, but will pursue fellowshipping with them. 

I won’t try to spend all my time with other volunteers. 

I understand that I am representing Christ and the local church while I am on this mission trip, and I covenant to act in a way that reflects this understanding and brings glory to God.